Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Butterfly Love

I just thought this title was super cute. :D

Over the past two weeks I've picked up some new nail polish, one of them was Revlons Not So Blueberry. The color is what drew me to it, but then I noticed it was a scented one! I've heard about these but was pretty excited to see for myself if it was truly scented... It is! While I painted my nails I got the sweet scent of blueberries.

Painting my nails might be the wrong hobby since I'm very impatient with waiting for them to dry before moving on to the next step! Also I start cleaning up while they're practically still wet, leaving some sort of smudge haha

While I taped off for the french they were still tacky, leaving the tape to pull of some of the nail polish :(

After putting on my topcoat, they were still taking a while to dry. I don't know why I didn't use my SV! So I got annoyed and took everything off, then quickly painted my nails with Shower Together by China Glaze. Now looking back at these pictures I'm kind of upset, I really like this manicure!

Well this post seems kind of rambly. So I'm just gonna give you the pics now. :) Hope you like them!

Purple: Revlons Not So Blueberry

Tips: Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Black Out

Plate: Konad m41

Friday, August 26, 2011


I got a compliment yesterday on these nails about how they look futuristic, so that's what I'm gonna call them!

This metallic silver is so cool, and with the bright pink polka dots...just awesome!!

I love this manicure and it was probably the most easiest thing ever. Can never go wrong with polka dots, right?

I originally wanted to do a stamp over the whole nail, but I don't really have many good stamping polishes, so I always just go straight to polka dots! I need to expand my stamping polishes...time for some research! I know I've seen people post a bunch about stamping polishes so I'm gonna look more on that.

Hope you enjoy this one!

(Please excuse the writing on my hand...that's what I do when I need to remember important things!)

The silver is Sally Hansen Hard as Nails in Pumping Iron

The pink is China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy

Sunday, August 21, 2011


I don't know why but I think zippers are pretty cool. I absolutely love the bundle monster zipper stamp. I've seen some cool designs done with this stamp but haven't really tried any yet...but I will!!

I also came across zipper bracelets. I found some on Etsy that you can buy for $8-$12, but then came across a tutorial to make your own, which is much cheaper! If you'd like to try to make your own zipper bracelet, here is where I learned! (Acutally my mom pretty much made them :x ) You can find zippers at pretty much any craft store!

These are the two that I have.

I didn't have much time for a mani when I did my nails this time again, so I just did one nail. Still pretty cool! This blue is also one of my favorite colors.

The blue is O.P.I No Room For The Blues

Stamp: Bundle Monster BM 202

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Creative title right? Hehe

Today I really just wanted to paint my nails red, and realized that I only own 2 red nail polishes! How can someone be so into nail polish and only own 2 red?!

I think I've gotten better at stamping too. It's becoming so much faster and easier, and less messy!! Very happy about that, Sometimes I wind up making a HUGE mess. I messed up big time on my thumb, which is the last nail I stamped, thank goodness!!

Well here's my mani for today, My camera battery died so There's only 2 pictures. :(

Red: NYC Long Wearing Nail Enamil in 131 Big Apple Red Creme

Stamping: Orly Luxe

Plate: Bundle Monster BM214

Thursday, August 11, 2011

First taped mani!

Other than using tape for french mani's, I've never used it for any other design. Today is my first try! I've been so inspired to try a taped mani from reading nailside's posts. So here's my first attempt!

It was actually pretty hard peeling the little pieces of tape off. I tried to peel it off one piece at a time, but with the blue painted over it I couldn't tell which one I had put down first and they all wound up coming off at the same time, which caused some messiness, but that's okay, I'll get more practice!!

For the gold I used Orlys Luxe

For the blue I used Wet n Wilds Saved by the Blue

I'm a lefty, so usually my right hand comes out the best. Not bad for my first try I have to say!

My left hand on the other story...ouch haha I tried to touch it up but my right hand wasn't too steady! Still not too bad though, I think? ;)

Monday, August 8, 2011

Feelin' Wild

So today as I was going through my plates, I noticed that I have 5 different animal print designs...So that's what I decided to do today!

I don't know how long this is gonna stay on because I don't know if it's a bit too much for me, but we'll see. :)

What do you guys think?

Base: Revlon Gray Suede
Stamping: Konad Black
Plate: BM215

Base: Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in White On

Stamping: Konad Black
Plate: BM222

Sorry this picture is blurry :(

Base: Orly Green Apple
Stamping: Sinful Colors Why Not
Dark Blue fill in is Sally Hansen HD in BLU
Plate: BM212

Base: Revlon Gray Suede
Stamping: Konad Black
Plate: BM221

Base: Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in White On
Stamping: Konad Black
Plate: BM223

I guess I didn't wait long enough for the stamping to dry :( Hate when it smudges!

Saturday, August 6, 2011


I don't think I've ever been totally happy with any of my full nail stamped mani's. Seriously SOMETHING always goes on crooked or doesn't transfer. In this mani some flowers missed out, but I actually don't think it's noticeable at all!

I am so happy with how this mani came out, and I was completely rushed doing it because I had a party to attend. Woo!! Success :)

For the base I used China Glaze For Audrey

For stamping I used Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Pacific Blue

The image plate used was Bundle Monster BM221

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Lost for a name...

I need to start getting more creative, It's hard for me trying to figure out what to call my posts!

Today I felt like using darker colors, since I'm actually excited for Fall to come! Well I don't really have to say much about this mani so I figured I'll just show ya

Also, I don't know what my problem is lately but stamping is not working out properly for me!! I can never get the full image on the stamp! I used to, I don't know what happened! Any tips??

I'm also still trying to figure out this camera thing trying to get the pics more clear, so bear with me!

For the base I used Pure Ice in Taupe Drawer.
The tips I used O.P.I in She's Golden
And for the stamp I used Bundle Monster plate BM-225 with Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in White on

Monday, August 1, 2011

Love my Polka Dots

Well the majority of today was a pretty frustrating day, where everything went wrong! But it all turned up just fine in the end.

One thing that kept going wrong for sure was my mani. Started painting my nails around 2:30, but didn't have them done until 7pm! I wasn't doing my nails the entire time in between but still!

I can't even tell you how many cotton balls, q-tips, and nail polish remover I went through today. I tried about 3 or 4 different things and they ALL kept going wrong!

One thing I tried was doing a tape mani with a crackle polish. Well when I took the tape off of my nail, wherever the crackle was on the tape, stuck to my nail! Sooooo that had to come off. :/

Well this is what I wound up with. I definitely am a sucker for polka dots. I'm not exactly sure how I feel about this mani just yet, but I do think it's pretty cute.

For the white I used Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in White On.

For the Polka Dots I use

Chine Glaze Secret Peri-Wink-Le

China Glaze For Audrey


China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy

I am in love with the color Flip Flop Fantasy. However, I painted all my nails this color once before, and 3 nails chipped within a few hours. Maybe it was because it took 3 or 4 coats, plus my Seche Vite Top Coat. :( But it was beautiful for the few hours!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Keeping it simple, but cute

Today I have a pretty simple manicure, reason being is it's most likely gonna be ruined within the next few hours. I work in a retail store, which is rough on my hands. Putting things on certain hangers, taking them off, dealing with money, cleaning...etc.

I normally don't paint my nails every day because I just don't always have the time unfortunately, and also because I want to show off my hard work for longer then a day! :)

For this color I used Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Pacific Blue.

Absolutely love this color!

Only took ONE coat!

For the flowers I used Wet n Wild's Wild Shine in Tickled Pink, #402

It's the perfect Barbie pink I think. Takes several Coats to cover the nail though.

For the yellow I used Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Mellow Yellow.

For some reason when I post my pictures onto my blog they look like they have less quality than they started out with. I don't know why, but if anyone has any pointers please help! :)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Not at all planned!

So the mani I have today is not what I planned to do at all! I recently saw a picture on Pinterest of butterfly nails, which then reminded me that cutepolish on Youtube did a tutorial on those as well.

Well....I gave it a try and after trying it on only two nails I immediately took it off, it looked so hideous! I don't know if my nails are too tiny or short or if I'm just not that experienced yet.

So I just painted my nails and then let whatever happen just happen. I had no idea this was the way it was gonna turn out, but I'm pretty happy with it!

My nails are never ever perfect, something always winds up getting smudged or ruined or stamped crooked! It always used to irritate me, but now I'm perfectly fine with that, that's just the way I am!

I used China Glaze SECRET PERI-WINK-LE as the base, and Sally Hansen Black Out for the tips and dots.

This picture was taken outside. It wasn't very sunny out. :(

This picture was taken inside, but next to my window.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Starry French

I originally did this mani for my first post, but wasn't very happy the way it turned out. The tips got all messed up which I couldn't stand! I used Rimmel London French Manicure Pro.

I didn't use the nude base, as for I somehow managed to forget to put it on, though it was sitting right in front of me the whole time! So I just used the french tip color, #110.

I usually use the tape method for french mani's, but this bottle came with the super thin brush so I thought I'd give a try free-handing it. It took WAY longer!

Hope you enjoy this mani anyway!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

O.P.I Skull and Glossbones

I bought this color about a month ago and never tried it, so I thought to give it a shot! For some reason when I went to paint it on my nails I thought it was gonna look bad on my skin tone, but turned out just the opposite.

Also a few days ago, I picked up my first Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure color. I chose Coral Fever. I absolutely love the color, but when I used it on my nails it just didn't cooperate with me. I was going to return it, but then decided to see how it works for stamping, and it works very well!

My pictures aren't exactly the best due to my camera not focusing properly, so I had to use my camera phone. The first was taken in my room, and then next two were in my car!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

First Post Ever!

I've been really into my nails for the past 6 months or so, and have been following many nail blogs and learned so I decided to start my own! I sometimes bite my nails and cuticles when I get bored or nervous, so hopefully starting this blog will put an end to it! I love nail stamping, and own a few Konad plates, as well as both Bundle Monster sets.

My sister helped me pick out the name for this blog, as I don't like to spend too much money on
polish. I'm excited to start my blog and see where it takes me!

Here are a few photo's that I took on my phone within the past few months, before I even thought about starting my own blog!

This is my first attempt at Stamping! I Used Konad plate M3. I'm sorry to say I can't remember what Polish I used for this as it was taken almost a year ago!

For this I used Sally Hansen's gold chrome Color Quick nail pen and
Sally Hansen's Hard as Nails Xtreme wear in Black Out for stamping and tips.

For this last picture I used Sally Hansen's Xtreme Wear in White On for the tips, and Konad's Special Polish in black for the stamping. I also used Kondad Plate M3 for this as well.