Thursday, August 11, 2011

First taped mani!

Other than using tape for french mani's, I've never used it for any other design. Today is my first try! I've been so inspired to try a taped mani from reading nailside's posts. So here's my first attempt!

It was actually pretty hard peeling the little pieces of tape off. I tried to peel it off one piece at a time, but with the blue painted over it I couldn't tell which one I had put down first and they all wound up coming off at the same time, which caused some messiness, but that's okay, I'll get more practice!!

For the gold I used Orlys Luxe

For the blue I used Wet n Wilds Saved by the Blue

I'm a lefty, so usually my right hand comes out the best. Not bad for my first try I have to say!

My left hand on the other story...ouch haha I tried to touch it up but my right hand wasn't too steady! Still not too bad though, I think? ;)


  1. It looks great, I love the gold-blue color combo. :)

  2. Really nice! I love the color combination, I'll have to try a taped manicure myself soon!

  3. Nice design and nice use of colours too.