Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Creative title right? Hehe

Today I really just wanted to paint my nails red, and realized that I only own 2 red nail polishes! How can someone be so into nail polish and only own 2 red?!

I think I've gotten better at stamping too. It's becoming so much faster and easier, and less messy!! Very happy about that, Sometimes I wind up making a HUGE mess. I messed up big time on my thumb, which is the last nail I stamped, thank goodness!!

Well here's my mani for today, My camera battery died so There's only 2 pictures. :(

Red: NYC Long Wearing Nail Enamil in 131 Big Apple Red Creme

Stamping: Orly Luxe

Plate: Bundle Monster BM214


  1. great choice of stamping and color... looks neat!

  2. You need more reds! I love that manicure. Red and gold are always good together.

  3. Thanks guys :) It reminds me of Christmas for some reason!

  4. I absolutely love red-gold combo. :)

  5. Looks really pretty! You're right, it does sort of remind me of Christmas! I'll have to remember this so I can try it then!